Jun 22, 2023

Bright Pink Agency

Bright Pink Agency

Bright Pink Agency

How Bright Pink Agency Used Talisman to Save 6 Months of Time and Uncovered Sneaky Hidden SaaS Costs

Bright Pink Agency is a full-service marketing firm that helps franchisors, franchisees, and nonprofits spread their message and build their brand identity. The company tripled their growth over the past year, and before strategizing further expansion, they wanted to pause and assess how far the company has come, what is going right, and what is going wrong.

Bright Pink Agency was in the middle of doing an extensive audit of their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription expenses when they came across Talisman.

At this point in time, the accountant had a very manual process for auditing SaaS subscriptions:

  1. Go through QuickBooks.

  2. Dig through all bank accounts.

  3. Input all data into spreadsheets.

  4. Ask relevant team members one by one to verify the use and efficiency of every SaaS subscription.

  5. Wait for team feedback.

  6. Evaluate tool usability one by one based on the team’s feedback.

  7. Collaborate some more if the decision is tricky.

With Talisman, the process that would usually take the team 6 months to finalize can now be done in a matter of minutes! Bright Pink Agency can now do audits more efficiently and uncover hidden costs while saving a lot of time and productivity.

1 - Ditching spreadsheets

Bright Pink Agency has signed up for a multitude of SaaS products to support its wide range of services. They realized how they can no longer keep track of the subscription costs and purchases that have piled up over the years. They use spreadsheets to store subscription data and review each cost line by line. The process was too time-consuming and tedious, and they felt the need to streamline.

Upon using Talisman, the company can now centralize all subscription data in a single, detailed overview page. Bright Pink Agency saved over 6 months’ worth of time and ditched spreadsheets altogether! They can now instantly access full visibility of their entire stack including the list of all their subscriptions and their corresponding costs and level of utility.

2 - Optimizing team productivity

Bright Pink Agency’s subscriptions are acquired and managed by different department heads, and without a centralized and automated system to sort the auditing process, it will be difficult and time-consuming to gather and verify subscription data.

When Talisman stepped in, it took only 15 minutes to connect all payment accounts and generate the full overview of their tech stack and associated expenses. The team not only saved money by identifying and cancelling unused or underutilized subscriptions, but the process also saved everyone time.

Talisman was able to show which subscription was purchased by whom. Rather than having to wait around for a colleague to give an answer, Talisman was able to provide answers in real-time! A crucial part that used to take a lot of manual work can now be automated, leaving everyone more time in their hands to do more productive and meaningful work.

The auditing process used to take months to complete. With Talisman, accurate audits can now be pulled up in a matter of minutes!

3 - Detecting sneaky hidden costs!

According to Bright Pink Agency’s CTO Jonie Iordache, more than helping the team save time, Talisman saved the team from being perpetually unaware.

Upon using Talisman, they discovered a lot of hidden costs they didn’t know existed or they realized were no longer relevant. A lot of software tools came with add-ons the team was either unaware of or totally forgot about.  Add-ons are those discrete additional products or features attached to the main subscription. Since add-ons are a part of the subscription plan, you’ll be paying for them every billing cycle — unless you detect and manually disable them. With Talisman, you’ll have a tool checking your accounts 24/7, detecting all possibilities of optimization and efficiency. Removing these add-on charges saved the firm hundreds of dollars per month!

They also identified which subscriptions incurred the biggest spending, and they can also use the overview to evaluate what they already have and avoid redundant subscriptions.

Bright Pink Agency decided to be smarter about money by carefully evaluating its expenses and optimizing its budgeting. With Talisman’s SaaS subscription management, the process was made easier, faster, and more efficient.

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