What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

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Anthony Garza
November 14, 2022
What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM, or mobile device management, is a system that helps to keep track of devices, make sure that they are secure, and manage updates and content. MDM can help to prevent data leaks and malware infections, and it can also make it easier to manage different types of devices. 

Why remote companies need an MDM system

A remote company without an MDM solution in place could struggle with handling mobile devices for employees. MDM provides a secure and efficient way to manage employee mobile devices. There are a few reasons why a remote company needs MDM:

- To make sure that only authorized devices can access company data

- To prevent data leaks by encrypting data at rest and in transit

- To remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices

- To centrally manage and deploy apps

- To create specific and tailored user permissions for app usage

- To monitor device usage and activity

- To track the location of devices

Features of an MDM system

MDM systems provide a comprehensive solution for managing mobile devices, from securing data to tracking employee productivity. You’ll typically see MDM systems include the following features.


MDM systems provide a central platform for managing all mobile devices within a business. This includes the ability to add or remove devices, assign user roles, and set policies.

Remote control

With MDM, businesses can remotely control and manage mobile devices. This includes the ability to lock devices remotely, wipe data, and push updates and security patches.


MDM systems help businesses secure mobile devices with features like passcode protection, two-factor authentication, and data encryption.


MDM systems also allow businesses to monitor mobile devices for activity and usage. This helps businesses to identify potential security risks and track employee productivity.

Limitations of MDMs

Mobile Device Management systems are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to manage and secure mobile devices. However, there are a few limitations to these systems that should be considered before implementing one.

1. They can be expensive to set up and maintain.

2. They can be complex to configure and manage, especially for large organizations with many different types of mobile devices.

3. They can be intrusive, with some features requiring users to give up control of their devices in order to use the system.

4. They may not be compatible with all mobile devices, particularly older models or those from less popular manufacturers.

5. They can have a negative impact on battery life and performance due to the constant monitoring and data collection that they perform.

Despite these limitations, Mobile Device Management systems offer a number of benefits that make them worth considering for businesses looking to manage and secure their mobile devices. When implemented correctly, they can help to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve security.

How remote small businesses and startups benefit from MDMs

There are many benefits to using a mobile device management system for small businesses and startups, especially remote ones.

Inventory management

An MDM system can help businesses to keep track of their inventory, both in terms of devices and data. This is critical for businesses that need to know what they have on hand at all times.


An MDM system can help businesses to manage and secure their data. With the right system in place, businesses can ensure that their data is safe and secure, even if their devices are lost or stolen.


An MDM system can help businesses to stay compliant with regulations. This is a requirement of any company that wants to obtain cybersecurity insurance. With the ever-changing landscape of compliance laws, it’s critical for businesses to have a system that can help them keep up with the latest requirements. 

In conclusion

There are many reasons why your business needs an MDM system. Mobile Device Management systems are essential for businesses that want to keep their data safe and improve their team's productivity. If you're not already using an MDM system, now is the time to investigate your options. 

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