SaaS Overload: How Redundancies are Bleeding Your Startup Dry

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Anthony Garza
March 5, 2023
SaaS Overload: How Redundancies are Bleeding Your Startup Dry

We're talking about SaaS subscriptions, those handy apps and software you rely on to keep your business running smoothly. But as you grow, it's easy to end up with overlapping tools and redundant features, which can leave you with a bloated budget and a headache-inducing mess.

Do you know how much your organization is spending on SaaS subscriptions? It's a tough question, we know. But if you're not keeping track, you might be surprised at the answer. And if your employees are using their personal credit cards to pay for their subscriptions, things can get even messier.

Gartner found that companies are spending up to 30% of their SaaS budget on underutilized and unused licenses. Redundant SaaS subscriptions are a key source of that waste.

Let’s dive into the implications that they can have on your organization:

The Real Cost of Redundant SaaS

Trying out different tools can be fun and exciting, but it can also lead to a lot of redundancies.  Let’s say your marketing team invests in a comprehensive Adobe Creative Cloud, but some of your other employees decide they want to use Figma or Canva. If there’s no communication between the two departments, that means overlapping features, inconsistent templates, and a disjointed customer experience. 

Now not only do you have several apps that can do the same thing, but you’re paying for all of them. That can add up to a significant percentage of your SaaS budget. Without real-time data to track and monitor subscriptions, it's easy to let those costs slip through the cracks.

Closing the Redundancy Gap

So, how can you gain visibility into your SaaS subscriptions? One solution is Talisman, a tool that helps you identify overlap in your software subscription stack. With Talisman, you can track and monitor your subscriptions in real-time, so you can optimize your spending and streamline your workflow. You can even identify shadow IT in your organization to find the SaaS apps that were flying under the radar.


Don't let redundancies bleed your budget dry. With Talisman, you can gain the insights you need to rationalize your SaaS subscriptions, save money, and improve your workflow. Whether you're a small team or a large organization, Talisman is the solution you need to keep your business (and budget) organized and optimized.

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