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Oct 7, 2022

People Operations

People Operations

People Operations

What is People Operations?

People Operations teams, widely referred to as “People Ops,” are responsible for a lot at an early-stage company— namely, maintaining the company culture and keeping employees engaged.

But with the rapid mass adoption of remote or hybrid work environments, maintaining company culture and keeping employees engaged has gotten trickier.

What do People Operations teams do?

If you want to keep that loving tone in an employee’s voice when they speak about your company, then you need to make a few key tasks as easy as possible for them, including: 

  1. Having the right device, like a laptop, with all of the right software from Day 1

  2. Getting answers to requests for software or hardware when they need them

  3. Making logistical tasks super easy, like returning devices when they leave the company

How do People Operations handle these things?

Because some of these tasks involve IT support, People Operations teams have a few different options to make these experiences magical for employees:

  1. Hiring a full-time IT specialist, which starts at $110K

  2. Outsourcing to a managed service provider, or MSP, which start at around $50K annually for a 25-person company

  3. Switching to payroll solutions, like Rippling, that have robust IT management features built into them

Every solution comes with a downside

Not all of these options are reasonable for early-stage companies or small businesses. Most companies hold off on hiring full-time IT resources until they’ve raised Series A funding. IT resources only become an established practice around their Series C round.

MSPs can be cheaper than a full-time IT hire early on, but outsourcing such a critical piece of the business comes with risk. The MSP may have a pricing structure and goals that aren’t directly aligned with your business. 

Payroll solutions with IT management components, such as Rippling, require you to completely change your payroll system. That can take a lot of time and money to switch over, in addition to the long-term costs of managing the system.

That’s why we built Talisman

Why Talisman?

Talisman helps you manage and automate your IT-related tasks, saving time and money. You can connect your people, software, and hardware in one platform to automate onboarding and offboarding, manage access, and track spending.

  • Talisman doesn’t charge for companies with less than 20 employees, so you and your team can begin automating and saving right away

  • Talisman has a simple drag-and-drop experience that any member of your team can use

  • Talisman works with all payroll providers. Connect your payroll and bank account and automate away!

Wondering how you can start making magic happen? Click here to join the Talisman alpha to get onboarded!

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