Billing Calendar: Instantly stay on top of every renewal

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Chiko Chingaya
June 12, 2024
Billing Calendar: Instantly stay on top of every renewal

Imagine never missing a renewal or upcoming transaction again. 

And imagine never needing to search through hundreds of bank statements or spreadsheets to figure out when that next bill is due.

Sounds nice, right?

Today, we’ve made that possible with our new Billing Calendar.

No more manual work: All your transactions in one list

We built the Billing Calendar based on our users' direct feedback about how we can best serve anyone responsible for a business’s budget.

The Billing Calendar frees up your time from repetitive tasks by automatically pulling all the information about your subscriptions’ billing dates in one place. Whether you’re auditing your past expenses or forecasting for the future, you can now get a complete view of every transaction down to the exact day it occurs.

How it works

Running a business or controlling its books inevitably means countless subscriptions and expenses to keep on top of. The calendar offers a simpler, more intuitive way to stay aware of and plan cash flow in tune with your billing schedules.

Add renewal dates to your subscriptions

Talisman now shows you all your upcoming renewals in a calendar view, eliminating the need to search through bank statements or invoices for renewal dates to add to your calendars manually.

If you don’t see your renewals displayed, you can easily add them from the Billing Calendar by clicking Add renewal → Search and select your subscription’s name → Enter the renewal date → Save.

You can also update renewal dates for a subscription by selecting the subscription and editing its details.

Search for bills and explore billing periods

Businesses have hundreds of regular expenses, and without superhuman organization, some bills will easily fall through the cracks. 

Instead of transcending humanity, you can use the Billing Calendar’s search and filtering features to pinpoint past, present, and future transaction dates.

Simply enter your subscription’s name in the search bar to reveal every upcoming transaction and renewal in the selected period.

If you’re interested in viewing a specific period, you can now filter by day, week, month, and year to get a clear understanding of your past, present, and future transactions.

View every subscription listed in table view

Finally, many of our users expressed that viewing their subscriptions in a table was important for deeper analysis. Therefore, we made it possible to switch to a table view, allowing you to explore all your transactions and renewals as a list. 

The table view includes all the features of the calendar view, with the added benefit of a simple list, so you never have to manually update a spreadsheet with upcoming renewals or transactions again.

On track to help you keep track

We’re incredibly excited about this new feature, but our work isn't done yet. Our goal is to make the Billing Calendar the simplest and most intuitive way for you to manage every business expense. You can help us stay on track by sharing your thoughts, feedback, and comments. 

We can't wait to hear more about how you use this feature!

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